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Our (JV) Partners & Equity Investments



EarthHunt has a series of important Joint Venture and General Partnership Agreements that are meaningful as they each have active companies and revenue streams as a result. 

EarthHunt Co-Founder & CEO Louis Jimenez, Esq. is a leading International Corporate Legal Counsel and the Founder/CEO at PH-PLUS based in Miami, FL and Colombia, South America with expertise in many valued sectors including Commodities Trading, such as high quality Colombian coffee and HEMP-CBD, Private Equity & Venture Capital, and the always changing international corporate laws & regulations.

EarthHunt Co-Founder and COO Dr. Liqiang Derek Tou is a serial entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of SAMA.

SAMA has been actively involved in biomedical forums, medical tourism and medical training aiming to develop relationships between the United States and China. 

The organization enables technology exchange to promote human health.

The SAMA/EarthHunt Joint Venture is actively working with new technologies, providing funding, sales-channels and other business requirements. 

Our network of international accredited investors, both institutional and individual are highly motivated by opportunities in Latin America, where we have opened a door to large scale equity investments and venture capital in diverse industries including gold trading, industrial hemp (CBD) & coffee agriculture, clean energy, oil & gas, telecommunications and others.