Kellogg’s Research Labs

Who we are

Kellogg’s Research Labs (KRL) of New Hampshire, USA is a leading engineering and production lab for shape-memory Titanium, called Nitinol. With extensive innovations for aerospace, robotics, energy, and many other engineering sectors, KRL is a leader in bi-directional and extreme temperature variation of this complex arena of metallurgy.

EarthHunt has a major stake in KRL and their important global energy project. As KRL Executive VP, Rick Lemberg won 3rd Place of over 1,000 entries on behalf of KRL in 2018, earning global prominence for KRL.  The KRL solution to generate grid-level power from low temperature wastewater from factories has built numerous working prototypes, and is in pre-production development today, with vast committed funding as milestones are reached.    

Kellogg’s Research Labs (KRL) 

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