Gold Quest

Who we are

Gold Quest is our most exciting new venture. With the global surge in gold and silver demand, our disruptive participation in these arenas as a business has done extremely well and made important strides quickly.  

Gold Quest Auctions are a partnership between EarthHunt, the Hollywood Blockchain, and leading numismatic experts, with guaranteed-authentic supply coming directly from the USA’s premier gold wholesalers and esteemed rare coin houses.  

Gold Quest’s Gold Bullion and Rare Coin Auctions go live on a major 4K streaming Network for discerning pre-qualified global clientele in October 2020.  

Our Gold Quest (GQ) Commemorative Coin project is a start-up that benefits global tourism. Based in New Jersey, USA, the Gold Quest International project is designed to draw tourists to important historic sites and modern wonders. Rewards of .999 Gold Commemorative Coins will be earned celebrating the remote regions being visited.