Welcome to our 2021 Institutional Program

For the acquisition of top tier Gold Bullion and exceptional Rare Coins. This program has been created and is hosted by EarthHunt Trading Company of Silicon Valley, California and Miami, Florida. Available remotely or in-person in New York City, or by arrangement. Accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. Escrow may be arranged.

The EarthHunt 

  2021 CATALOG


We have forged excellent relationships with several world-leading private collections. These private collections include vast managed vaults of Gold Bullion and Top Tier Rare Coins.

We are able to arrange direct institutional acquisitions within a variety of impressive, scarce parameters in quantities that are worthy for the requirements of this type of investment. The prices we arrange are lower than current trends, and nearly all items we show are not listed for sale anywhere else.

This catalog features several Gold Coin Parameters that are currently available to our clients in 2021. They include both PCGS/NGC Coin Categories, as well as Raw Gold Coins and Historic Gold.



In a surging market, challenges exist for institutions aiming to acquire meaningful qualities of gold bullion and rare coins.

Quality and quantity must withstand expert review and all parts of the process must pass due diligence and professional scrutiny.

EarthHunt Trading Company is the first company able to deliver these components in this unique sector along with hundreds of millions of dollars in current private inventory.



EarthHunt Trading Company has everything in place to provide the best options for examination, validation, execution-of-purchase, and secured delivery or vault storage of your acquisitions. Our process is flawless, secure, and flexible.

Clients may assign a large variety of precise parameters for direct EarthHunt Trading Company acquisitions on their behalf. All sales are 100% guaranteed to be as stated and shown.  EarthHunt also offers a complete buy-back program to enable smooth future liquidity.  Physical examination may be arranged in New York City in advance of purchase.

EathHunt Institutional GOLD 

eBay Show room

EarthHunt’s eBay Gold Room

This is the gallery of our current gold only items that are listed on eBay, listed in order of price (top down).

EarthHunt’s eBay Silver Room

This is the gallery of our current silver only items that are listed on eBay, listed in order of price (top down).

EarthHunt's Complete Current eBay Inventory

This is our store presented as a gallery in order of price (top down). EarthHunt started this eBay sale corridor quite recently.

We underwent and passed eBay’s compliance review to enable us to sell raw coins for millions of dollars on their site and passed a (40 document) compliance review in 48 hours. We have 23 years of experience spanning over 12,000 transactions. 100% positive with not a single complaint, no returns, and an average of over $400 USD per transaction. A record that any gold dealer should envy.

We launched our rare coins on eBay just two weeks ago and have already sold over $150,000 USD in the first full week of actual sales. We expect to triple this within a month as the holiday surge is upon us for this sector.

Description of the sale process:

We have typically between $300,000 USD and 1 Million USD listed at any given time, with new items replacing the hundreds that sell four days a week. Our procedures are
to list over 80% of our eBay Gold and Silver at a fraction of value and enable true open auctions, structured privately for dealers and collectors. Our buyer’s ID’s, the lots they buy, and prices paid are fully masked. Our bidding is also private. Bidders do not see who they are bidding against, only their independent ratings so that all know every single practice employed by EarthHunt is kept strictly to eBay’s intense compliance. This is an ultimate service to these professionals as they benefit greatly by having their acquisitions and prices paid be kept private.

EarthHunt underwent a full compliance review by eBay PayPal and Bit-pay in August-September 2021. We passed each compliance review successfully. Bit-pay awarded EarthHunt their coveted Tier-4 “Unlimited” status. eBey and PayPal have fully approved each and every process and rule we have defined in our gold and silver sales practices via their businesses.